Rhino Inside - loading the wrong grasshopper sdk version

When I launch Rhino from inside revit I get the following error. I’ve tried uninstalling Rhino 6 and 7 and reinstalling just rhino 7 and get the same problem. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know how to point it to the right SDK?


Hi Nate -
That does look peculiar. I can’t offer any Rhino.Inside advice, but to start somewhere, have you tried installing the current version of Rhino 6 (i.e. SR 28)?

I found the issue, I had an old grasshopper.dll hidden away deep on my machine. I searched the hard drive for any files named grasshopper.dll and deleted the one with the 6.12.19029 version. I have no idea how rhino inside latched onto it. I think it was pointing to an old bitbucket repo folder from a few years back.