Rhino Inside in blender

Check this thread

is there a detailed installation tutorial?

I know blender but I don’t know much about computing

everything in the thread ;did you check it?

That would be a killer feature (in the best positive sense of the word!!) model in your favourite modeling application (Rhino) and texture, render, animate in Blender. Yeay!!!

Your plugin for Blender is already a big help, but this? Wow.

While I am at it, Nathan, is there a way to switch of the import of a default material in the plugin? I texture in Blender and need to delete the default material on all parts imported from Rhino.

Does Rhino Inside Blender already have a release date?

I am not aware of any active effort by @stevebaer or @jeff to fix the OpenGL context thrashing issue that causes Blender to crash when trying to load Rhino Inside.

On a separate note the current release of import_3dm should install without problems in Blender latest Blender release 2.83.2 as all dependencies are bundled for Windows and Mac machines. That is at this moment of writing https://github.com/jesterKing/import_3dm/releases/tag/0.0.7

We’re not working on this right now. Nathan, do you know what is causing Blender to crash? You mention OpenGL context thrashing; are we not restoring a context that Blender expects?

@stevebaer I’ll have to run again the tests to see what the current situation is. But last time I tried after loading Rhino Inside the OpenGL context in Blender would be just incorrect.

I remember briefly telling how to compile Blender, but I think there were at the time more pressing matters that it probably just fell of the radar (at least it fell of mine). I’m happy to help you get a debug version of Blender to attach debugger to to figure out what is going on.

You did and I got sidetracked to other things. I probably won’t be able to think about looking at this until we get around to figuring out how to support OpenGL in a headless scenario (compute or inside cpython). This issue isn’t near the top of my todo list.

Maybe for headless scenario it isn’t necessary to initialize opengl at all? Anyway, we can look at this in more detail when the issue floats to the top of your list :slight_smile:

It is needed for view capture operations

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If I were to make a WAG…I would say that Blender is probably assuming that the context they set/enable will always be set and doesn’t do any kind of enable/disable the way Rhino does. Rhino’s mistake atm, is that its “disable” operation is to just set the current context to NULL (0)… It should probably take a look at the active context on startup, and use that as its disabling context… It was a similar problem on the Mac, only we had to deal with FBOs not actual contexts.



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For Blender that doesn’t make much sense. The idea here would be to use the geometry kernel, but further anything GUI is Blender.

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Pretty much, Blender is 100% OpenGL.

what’s up guys

is there a stable version of: Rhino Inside in blender?

or release date?


No, Rhino Inside still crashes Blender

“will it blend”? ; )

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Every time I see ‘Rhino Inside’ the song ‘Closer’ from ‘Nine Inch Nails’ plays in my head. That’s not just me, right?

BTW, I think the lyrics (NSFW) are somehow strategically aligned with this effort. And I love it.


Hope Rhino inside in Blender will see in future! :blush: