Rhino Inside in blender

Any news on a possible development ? Blender has become hyper popular now for games and not only. I am thinking that using Grasshopper to drive geometry into Blender would be a huge thing. I know that Blender has a node editor now but still not sure how capable is or maybe its just me as a GH user…


I haven’t looked into it for a while, because last time I tried Blender would just crash on loading Rhino Inside. I plan to use some time soon for this, though.

For Blender 3.0 you may be interested in its geometry nodes. You’ll find that it is becoming quite popular too.


Yeah I will try to look into it. Its just that i became so used to Grasshopper that i`m kind of lazy to start learning another node editor, and i would definately need parametrism in any of my workflow. Did you try it yourself? Does the GH logic helps? Does it work with lists and data trees in a similar way or is it more simple actually?
By the way, i found that there is another node based plugin called “sverchok”, which they say is more CAD-based. I am a bit confused, do you know anything about that or its still the native node editor more powerfull?

I haven’t tried geometry nodes myself, but my twitter feed is buzzing with examples. Looks pretty similar.

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Hey Nathan, Grasshopper Inside Blender’s Geometry Nodes would be nice too.

This is why we can’t have nice things :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t yet know the geometry nodes API, but if and when I get this to work I see no reason why it would not be possible to utilize Grasshopper in one way or another through these.

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I need to get more familiar with all the new Blender geometry nodes, but in general I see that the Blender and Houdini approach are all mesh based.

The most interesting, precise and designer-friendly computational workflows that we create are enabled by Nurbs logic: Surface UV space, surfaces from curves, trims, surface offsets, curves on surface ofsett, curve/surf rebuilding, surf blending…

I have no idea how big of a market expansion for Rhino/Grasshopper is bringing this to Blender, Compared to the low hanging fruit of Rhino.Inside Revit. But this Blender/Rhino/GH combo would be really awesome to create very compelling web apps (Rhino.Compute u$age).

Yesterday I was chatting with Bart Masse on LinkedIn about some of the opportunities of mixing in GH in a concept modeling workflow (LinkedIn login to see comments). The whole thread started about enabling Voxels in Rhino/Blender similar to what Substance modeler is doing.

In general, I think it’s time for Rhino/GH to enable more integration with best-in-class apps while keeping Evolving Rhino’s best-in-class tools.



Sverchok is Russian for ‘Grasshopper’ and it could be called Blender’s take on Grasshopper.

It is also crazy complex and adjacently capable. The rabbit hole gets very deep, very quick but it has the ability to do ‘some’ (and I say some because I don’t truly know how capable it is) nurbs based modeling with an addon for the Sverchok addon that uses the FreeCAD kernal.

I think it would be an awesome thing if the Sverchok devs could implement Rhino alongside FreeCAD, not sure if that would push us into IP / trade secret land or if there is an API that could facilitate.

Here’s a beginner tutorial from Erindale that could perhaps get your toes wet, enough…
Introduction to Blender: Parametric Design - YouTube (they have their own channel, but this version includes the installation of the addon). Disclaimer it is also the gateway to a paid tutorial!

All that said, Blender does just does not have the tools to create drawings or be as transparent with real world dims, accuracy, and precision that Rhino does. If you need shop drawings you’ll be pushing out of Blender into Rhino (or something).


already exists the addon for blender?
which version of blender?
where do i download

all the modeling with rhino nurbs goes into the blender?

is there already provision for the rhino nurbs tools to be used in the blender viewport?


@bilico not yet, I have been tinkering for now. No solid plan yet of how and what to do with Rhino Inside Blender.

Im hoping BlenderBIM will solve the live drawings issue.
Seems multi-platform integration is the future, so that each package can focus on its strengths.

I want to do what you just described! :sweat_smile:
Did you have any luck since this post in 2020?

My research into Sverchok shows it’s a “clone” of Grasshopper for Blender geometry nodes. I’m sure it’s not as versatile as full gh, but I am looking to try it out. I am kind of a Blender noob currently.


Has Rhino Inside in blender already been released?

Is it already possible to use the rhino drawing tools in blender?


Not that I know of.

Doesn’t work with the latest Blender Update

import_3dm hasn’t been updated for Blender 4 yet no, but it works in Blender 3.5, so you can have both installed and do a bit of relay - a workaround to be sure, not a final solution.


Can’t wait for the next update, blender 4.0 is great

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found this update after your comment on the blender artist forum quite good Import Rhinoceros 3D files into Blender - #112 by kyeo - Released Scripts and Themes - Blender Artists Community