Rhino Inside AutoCAD: Successful test, now what?

I was able to follow along the directions for compiling an AutoCAD 2019 build and successfully run the TESTRHINOINSIDE command (outputs a sphere similar to Sample 1 for RiR). My question is, now what? Can I do anything with Rhino inside AutoCAD yet, or is this just a test command that is available for proof of concept until this project gets further developed? Is there a list of commands I’m missing, or an add-in button I haven’t noticed?

We only have that sample for Rhino.Inside.AutoCAD. We don’t plan to do an implementation (like Rhino.Inside.Revit) ourselves, unless there is a lot of demand. That being said, any functionality can probably developed as the sample is a proof of concept that the necessary parts already work.
What are you looking to do?

Got it, I don’t have specific functionality I’m looking for. I’ve been imagining the program as a good way to get people with different software experience on the same page. I’m in a Rhino-primary office but we have some people with a long history in AutoCAD, so I was imagining using the Inside implementation as a way to get those people more comfortable with the Rhino environment without having to leave AutoCAD space.

So, not crucial by any means, but think we’d have some use for it if ended up being created.

@scott.deisher feel free to add any ideas / use cases you come across and we can see if there is something we can do to make something you can test.

I would love to be able to read & manipulate AutoCAD geometry, dimensions, texts, blocks & file settings (layers, external references, layouts) with Grasshopper.

I have a similar question…

I got the example in AutoCAD(Civil3d) loaded…
But, There are no add-ins…
Do you have a plan to add the same tools / Addin’s in AutoCAD ?

seems like beating a dead horse (the horse being autocad); granted autocad is still used in many workflows (including my own) but like Revit, is getting more in need of being shelved everyday in favor of some fresh coding.

Someone is already on something.

this seems good!
Rhino.Inside.AutoCADv0.0.1.zip (1.9 MB)