Does the rhinoinside for autocad project give up research and development?

I have seen the rhinoinside for autocad project before and have been paying attention, but I haven’t seen the update content of its follow-up research and development recently. Has this plug-in been researched and developed?

Rhino.Inside.AutoCAD was created as a proof of concept to test the possibility for such a project. This is the current status. Would such a project help you solve some issues in your Rhino <> AutoCAD workflow?

Yes, just like the rhinoinside for revit plug-in, it can also extract CAD component data and import it into Grasshopper for processing. This flexibility should exceed the operation of CAD secondary programming.

I hope to see the latest progress of revit inside for CAD, where can I see it?

Hi -

I take it that you meant “Rhino inside AutoCAD” and I moved your new thread to this topic - please don’t create multiple threads on the same subject matter.

The latest progress on this is here:

This is a very basic sample only. It is open-source and meant as a start for others to develop further.

who can help with the install; the install instructions are out of date or problematic.
After cloning the git repo with
git clone --recursive GitHub - mcneel/rhino.inside: Sample Projects for Rhino.Inside rhino.inside
Visual Studio can not find the file rhino.inside\Autodesk\AutoCAD\RhinoInside.AutoCAD.sln
I searched my whole hard drive, , nothing… ?