Using RhinoInside in SolidWorks

Hi guys,

Does anybody have a starting example to use RhinoInside for SolidWorks?
Any info is appreciated.


Can you explain what you mean?

The project is open source. So, if anyone has access to the Solidworks C# SDK, then a Rhino.Inside project could be attempted. It would be interesting to see if it worked.

Can you explain what it is? and how to set it up?

Hi Zale_orcid, thanks for your interest.

The examples for Rhino.Inside can be found here rhino-developer-samples/rhino.inside at 7 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub

The Rhino.Inside® technology allows Rhino and Grasshopper to be embedded within other products. It may be possible to:

  • Starting Rhino and Grasshopper as an add in another product.
  • Call directly into the host’s native APIs from a Grasshopper or Rhino plugin.
  • Access Rhino’s APIs through the host application.
  • Grasshopper definitions can be opened and previewed in Rhino within the same process as the parent.
  • Object can be natively created by Rhino or Grasshopper within the parent product.