Rhino Inside Adaptive components form not working

Hi, I am trying to build a form object in Revit, using Rhino inside.
I am able to place the adaptive components perfectly but it doesn’t work to create the form based on the created elements’ curves

Hi Cesare,

I changed the way RiR decides when to create a Form or a FreeForm in a family.
Now it should allow you to create Forms by curves in AdaptiveComponent families.

Let me know if not.

thanks for the reply…It is working now. Probably I will add a possibility to create a void and a toggle option.

Another important thing: we should be able to “bake” the geometries only if required. At the moment every time we run the process, it creates a completely new geometry (overlapping the existing one)

Hi Cesare,

As a side note, if you’d like to test the Geometry Gym offering with respect to revsion baking (including over mutliple revit sessions) then let us know if you think that needs improvement.

You can test with this sample model. RhinoInside Revit : Generating Filled Regions

Geometry Gym stores a unique identifier on each element generated in Revit and manages this in Grasshopper. You can override the update process simply by removing or modifying the unique ID so it’s faily transparent.



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Will do that!