Trouble creating family in Revit with geometry from Rhino


I am trying to take a boulder I modeled in Rhino and create a family in Revit that I can then create multiple types using Revit. Is this possible?

I am able to bring the geometry via Grasshopper New Family Component into Revit, but the “Bake Selected” button is grayed out.

How can I bake the selected object into Revit, and from Revit, create various types of the baked object?

Thank you!

When you use a new family component, the Rhino geometry will be created inside the family as a Directshape. “Baking” is Revit is pretty much the same as creating the element.

Once the family is created, you can edit the family using Revit native tools and add constraints and controls.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Am I correct that in order to transition the geometry created in Rhino to Revit, a Directshape component is required in the grasshopper definition?

Where does one add the component to the definition? I have been working off of the guide provided here
“Creating New Families.” I can get the object created in Rhino to appear, but cannot bake the selected object into Revit.

Thank you!

Use the Add Geometry DirectShape component to add Rhino geometry as Direct Shape to Revit