How to make Adaptive Component by using Rhino inside Revit more than 4 points

It is easy to make Revit 4-pt adaptive component by using Rhino inside Revit.
But how to make adaptive component more than 4-pt, like 5pts?

This post from @Gpcrump may help you.

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is there any way to create Generic adaptive family ? in Rhino.inside.Revit??


There is a component called ‘Add Component (Adaptive)’ that allows you to instantiate an adaptive family in the document, but you need to preload that family manually or using ‘ Load Component Family’ component.

We also have a component called ‘New Component Family’ that is able to create regular component families from geometry.

But we still don’t have any Grasshopper component to create Adaptive Component Families.


Are there any any components that could be used to create steelwork connections between structural framing members? i.e. in Revit I can create parameteric connections between beams and columns or beams and beams.

Or would I have to load the steelwork connections in as an adaptive componenet?