Rhino in inadvertent news - iPhone 7 design leak

i thought it funny seeing this:

(French language)

…i’m pretty sure that’s the actual design (or, at least an actual apple iteration of the iPhone 7) just because of the amount of detail modeled on the inside… if it were just someone trying to troll the internet, i don’t imagine them putting in so much work to do so.

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Is it possible to get this 3d file?

i doubt it.
this leak turned out to be true. it’s the actual iphone7…
the .3dm is most likely the property of Apple.

I wonder if they were using rhino for mac… :smile_cat:

i’m curious about that as well… i’d probably guess they’re bootcamping rhino for windows at this point… they do a lot of in house prototyping (machines are in/adjacent to the design studio) so it’s likely there is some windows based workflow going on.

that said, Ive let 60minutes do a little tour of the studio a couple of years ago and we catch a glimpse of (i think) the mac version of Alias being used on the apple watch.

(screenshot – not a video)

idk, i suppose one of these mcneel peeps might know if apple has any rhino for mac licenses.


tim cook was at the mac pro factory a year or so ago and we see this on the production line:

iMacs running some sort of windows software…

so yeah, i think they use a combination of MacOS and Windows (and probably some custom stuff)… the computers are always macs though (assuming we’re talking about scenarios where a personal computer is used… a lot of their servers , Siri & iCloud for example, are set up with HP amongst other big data type computers.)

Thank you for the insight, Jeff!
So is there a chance that they’ve switched to Rhino for developing iphone 7?..)
Or maybe it was not initially a 3dm file and someone just opened it in Rhino for making screenshots?
As for me, I prefer the first version )

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed.

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i don’t know what exactly they use rhino for… but i do know they use it… Apple often has job openings requiring Rhino skills.

there’s an active opening right now:


Job Summary

Apple is looking for candidates with a strong interest and aptitude in digital 3D modeling for the Industrial Design group’s CAD sculpting team.

Key Qualifications

An ideal candidate will have a strong passion and enthusiasm for a 3D modeling career.
Proficiency in Alias or Rhino is preferred, as is the ability to go beyond the limitations of software tools and manually manipulate or refine surfaces.
Candidates may also be familiar with rendering, visualization, 2D drawing, image editing, and manufacturing software packages.
An understanding of NX or other solid modeling CAD programs is especially helpful.

fwiw, i know j.Ive doesn’t use 3d software in his design process… just a pencil and sketchbook… then hires CAD masters to digitize and communicate with robots etc.