It is a secret

As you all know, we are not very good at keeping secrets. So you heard it here first. We will be announcing Rhino 5 for Mac on Monday to ~500,000 of our good friends.

But for you, our best friends, you should know that your favorite dealer should have inventory by the end of today and will be delivering orders early Monday morning.

I know. It is about time!
(Marlin started porting Rhino to OS X 7 years ago)


Ok. Steve explained to me that I was confused… It has been 9 years.

From the source code…
// MacRhino
// Created by Marlin Prowell on 9/11/06.
// Copyright 2006 Robert McNeel & Associates. All rights reserved.

I was confused too :smile: found an earlier one

// MRDocument.h
// MacRhino
// Created by Marlin Prowell on 1/24/06.
// Copyright Robert McNeel & Associates 2006 . All rights reserved.

I started at McNeel in March of 2006. I had put together a proof of concept prototype that could read and display 3DM files starting in January 2006. I must gone back and replaced the copyright comments later.

The original app was for the PowerPC and less than 3 MB in size.


Ship it! No…wait…

Congrats all. Been a long time coming and a massive undertaking.

While I’ve only been using it for a few months, and its obviously got a ways to go (plugins and whatnot), its a great product.

And I started on the Mac with Paracomps Swivel 3D and have used most of the Mac modelers out there between then and now.

Of Swivel,InfiniD, virtus Walkthough, Macromodel, EI modeller and a raft of other long dead products, FormZ, autocad Mac, and others still shipping, I can say without hesitation that Rhino Mac is the best Mac platform modeler I’ve ever used.

So again, congrats. And thanks.

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High commendations to the team who have been working on this project–one that’s received relentless development and refinement. It’s an exceptionally good product at this stage, and has great promise as the features grow!

It’s been very enjoyable watching the process unfold, adding a few thoughts every now and again to the incredible discussions here. Thanks everybody! ~Dave

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Congratulations guys!
That’s amazing.

So on Monday, officially, I have to teach 2 versions. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I have been using the beta since the beginning… I can’t believe the time is here. Its been a long and fun ride to be apart of the development process. I remember being collage in 1997 and emailing you about a mac version. I would never thought this day would have come. I feel a little sentimental about this release. I finally get what I ask for so many years ago. I hope the Mac release is huge for McNeel. Congratulations!
As a devout Mac user that always wanted a rock solid and robust industry standard Nurb modeler… I thank you.

Congratulations to the team! I’ve been singing the praises of Rhino to all of my design friends. It’ll be nice to not have to install a new version every week or two! :smiley:

Has pricing been (secretly) announced?

Not so secretly - the suggested retail prices are all up on the McNeel “buy” pages. --Mitch

Mitch, any idea how long the Limited Time Introductory offer will be valid? The Dutch resellers seem to be slow in posting it on their websites (I know it is weekend, but I assume they had some sort of pre-notice of the release date). I will try to contact one of them tomorrow morning, but I am also leaving on holiday, so it may be difficult to purchase while abroad.


No panic, you have 90 days. Officially it should end 14 September. If your holidays are longer than that - lucky you!!! :smile: --Mitch

They are, I am lucky (to be retired :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)! But I will be back before the 90 days are over.

Thank you, Mitch.

max, you’re famous ! :smile:
made it on the WIP page

Yeah, I can just see myself, hiding behind my alter ego Sir Percy Goodfellow (shades of Old Rhinebeck) :smile:

You should post a news blurb here:

Confession: I leaked it out in 2007 when you announced first publicly in Puerto Vallarta, June 2007:

heh… when there was a legacy command line option :smile:

(the osnaps were weird down there too)

I remember that. Seems like yesterday…or perhaps I have just woken from a long coma. :smile: