Rhino icon duplicate in task bar

rather small thing but still annoying:

When you have an rhino6 shortcut permanently attached to the task bar in windows and open rhino6 there are two rhino icons there which is quite confusing because all other win programs (including rhino5) have the convention that one icon hides under the other and you see only one.


Hello - it looks like Windows has a setting for ‘combine taskbar buttons’, here at least, and so far Rhino 6 seems to obey this, at least on my machine (Windows 10).


hi - where is that setting? i have win 10 as well. but on my machine rhino5 behaves properly related to that issue and rhino6 not - that astonished me…

Right-click on the task bar and select Taskbar properties..., sroll then a bit down for

@pascal I see this happen on my machine too, despite having it set to always combine.

v5 nicely gets combined, v6 not.

found the problem:

If you drag the rhino6 shortcut from the desktop to the taskbar it results in this behavior but if you pin the icon while open to the taskbar with right click “pin to taskbar” it groups properly…

Ah, interesting. I always use “Pin to taskbar” from the start menu before opening Rhino. I did that for both v5 and v6, where v6 doesn’t group properly.

Actually, even worse: when I do as @Christian_Schmidts suggests:

  1. Remove Rhino 6 shortcut from taskbar
  2. Start Rhino 6
  3. RMB on Rhino 6 in task bar
  4. Choose Pin to taskbar

I end up with an icon that is for v6, but has as tooltip Rhino WIP. Furthermore when I try to start this I am asked if it is ok to let Rhino change the system. Saying yes has Rhino 6 load a completely different Recently Used list. _SystemInfo says 6SR3, though.

I do have Rhino WIP installed, alongside Rhino 6SR3 and Rhino 5SR14.

@brian, any idea what is going on here?

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@nathanletwory, no I don’t have a clear understanding of what’s happening here. But I do think there are still quite a few things with the way the WIP registers itself with Windows that might confuse it with Rhino 6.

I’ve logged https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-45868 about it.

I have the same problem! I drag, I pin, I remove and return to pin, I select “always, hide labels”… but always appears 2 separate task bar icons… :frowning:

When I have multiple Rhino sessions running, there is a Taskbar icon for each one, but they overlap each other

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