Rhino 7 and 6 taskbar icon confusion

Hi I’m running Rhino 7 with 6 still installed (win 10). Opening Rhino 7, the icon for Rhino 6 appears on the taskbar. If I pin the icon there, clicking on it launches Rhino 6. Can I get them to co-habitate and have the Rino 7 icon in the task bar as well?




Hi Eric - I do not see this one here - there are a few threads about how 6 and 7 are mixed into one taskbar icon if both are open - but not (I think) that the pinned 7 icon opens V6. Ugh. @DiegoKrause - do you see this? I see that you liked Eric’s comment…

@ejolley - can you try unpinning the icon, run a repair on the V7 installation, and then try pinning again?
To repair, open Windows Settings>Apps > Apps and Features > find Rhino 7 in the list, right click on is, > Modify and then choose Repair…


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hi, yes I had that issue but I get used to use the pins on start menu instead of the taskbar long ago.

OK, thanks - so far we cannot reproduce this one here. But I never had these pinned to the taskbar before - it may degrade on installing the different versions…


I’m having a similar issue. When I open a file with v7, the Rhino6 icon appears in the taskbar, although the file is actually open with v7. If I then click on that taskbar icon to open a second blank document, it opens v6

I ran the repair and it didnt fix it. I went to the original app in C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Rhino.exe and right clicked “pin to taskbar”. Now it works