Duplicated toolbar button

I have a different issue…on the left hand side toolbar, I’ve some how duplicated my “Explode” icon. How do I remove the duplicate icons?

Shift + hold down right mouse button over the icon you want to delete and then just drag it off the toolbar and drop it anywhere in the Rhino window. You will get a message asking you to to confirm your delete action (which cannot be undone).

Thank you for coming back to me. Ive done exactly what you said, but when I hold shift and click on icon with right mouse key, before I can drag it to the Rhino window it gives me “Button Editor” window giving 4 options…1 Inherit appearance from tab, 2 Image only, 3 Text only, 4 Both image and text.
Ive tried all four options and when I click OK the duplicate icons are still there…

Don’t “click” on the button, with Shift held down, press and hold down the right mouse button while dragging. Let up on the right mouse button only once you have dragged the button out of the toolbar and into the window.

Im trying exactly that, mouse cursor over icon, then press and hold, then press and hold Shift key and drag. Still nothing happen. When I first press and hold Shift key and then press to hold the right mouse button (essentially clicking) then I just get button editor window…

Okay I pressed and held the LEFT mouse button (Not the RIGHT one) together with shift and it worked Whoop whoop.

Oh, yeah, sorry about that, got left/right confused… :flushed:

:rofl:I figured lol