Rhino creates new icon in taskbar for every instance / toolbars all over the place

I’m surprised I couldn’t find a similar thread because it seems everyone in our office has that problem right now.

Since 6.20 or 6.21 when I open rhino from it’s fixed icon in my task bar, a new icon in the task bar appears, and in fact every new instance of rhino creates a new icon instead of stacking. Is this a known issue?

Second, many times when I open rhino after disconnecting my external monitor, or after attaching a new external monitor (all previously known to my laptop), all the tool bars are totally messed up. It almost looks funny as if someone literally moved every tool bar to a different place.

Not a big inconvenience but it certainly worked better two or three versions ago!

I think is a windows problem because I had the same issues you mention but with chrome, I think an update solved it. and maybe a previous update messed it up too haha.

@DiegoKrause @DiegoKrause Do you guys have V-Ray Next for Rhino installed?

I found that V-Ray has introduced this on purpose - I’m trying to figure out how to implement their solution, will let you know if I get it to work.

“This change was intentionally introduced to help users determine more easily where each Asset Editor or VFB window belongs to if multiple projects are opened. If you wish, you can revert this behavior using the environment variable VRAY_WINDOW_NO_COMBINE = 1 .”

Also, I found 2 older threads on this topic: (unfortunately with no solution)

I see, so it’s a VRAY issue? Would make sense because we just updated to Vray Next. Interesting.

What are they referring to when they say Environment Variable?

@oliverdavidkrieg I’m trying to figure that out with my IT dept. Will let you know.

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@oliverdavidkrieg So if you’re at a firm and have IT control your hardware, they can add the Environment Variable to their “Group Policy”. If you’re running a solo machine or small office where you have admin rights, then you can “on Win10, type ‘environment’. Should give you a dialog for system environment variables. Add a new variable.” However, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

From our IT: “Do we really want to override default behaviour? The reason for implementing the change seems logical… is it just something people should get used to?”

I personally find it very annoying to have so many separate floating icons. Still going to keep looking into this.

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Thank you for the explanation. It’s true that it’s not so bad if you have one icon per session, and use the pinned icon to re-open previous files. I just thought it was a bug. Welp.