Rhino Help Changed?

Hi, I just noticed that Rhino help is now very different. It seems completely dysfunctional. There is no way to search? Once clicking on a topic there is no back button? There is no index of commands? Am I missing something?

Also, a request that I know probably would be difficult to meet. Is there a way that in the future that the flash animations in the help can be changed to HTML 4, or something along those lines? I keep flash off my overall system and only use it through Chrome if it’s called for. The computer runs much happier in this configuration.

there are some redundant help commands in mac rhino at the moment… they mostly bring up the interactive panel…

if you go Help-> Command Help, you’re right, there’s no index/searching… when that panel is up, run a command and the context of the help panel will change to whichever command you’re using…

it’s a similar thing as the Help panel in the right-side bar.

via the Help menu up top, a lot of the entries do the same thing (run the _CommandHelp command) … Rhinoceros Help, Command List, Command Help… so yeah, that’s confusing right now.

anyway… you’re probably looking for this:


i’m not sure if that is meant to be included in the application itself or if it’s only available online…