Basic Help


I’m super new to the program, so I’m sorry for the dumb question. This semester we have to work in a class with Rhino 7, today was the first class, I downloaded it to Mac, but the teacher showed the basic things in the Windows version. There were things I didn’t really found on the Mac version, but the biggest one was that in his Windows version the command showed all the details and it was possible to him to edit things inside of it, and he did literally everything there, and I couldn’t follow up. On my version I can’t really, change anything, it won’t show anything, however I found the history section on the bottom left, but it just shows the steps I took. I want to change to “Rhino for Windows” as I found on these site somewhere that it is possible, but there is nothing for me on “Themes” about it, I just find “Minimal”, “Default”, and “Custom”. Thanks in advanced!

There is no equivalent of the Windows Rhino command line in Mac Rhino, so don’t expect to find it. However, all the same command line options the prof showed should be shown in the left hand side bar on Mac once the command is launched, and you should be able to set them as you want.

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