Geometry from point cloud

Hi all,

Whats the best way to generate some kind of geometry from a point cloud?
Ideally one that doesn’t require any extra plugins (other than maybe GH) as I can’t install anything on my work laptop… Rhino3DPRINT looked like a good option but I can’t install it!

I have been tasked with modelling a tricky internal stair balustrade which is effectively a solid, continuous geometry that follows the void up 4 flights.

I am in Rhino 6 and the point cloud file is a .PTS file.

PointCloudContour and PointCloudSection have not been successful thus far - it’s a pretty hefty file but I’ve trimmed it down to more or less just the inner stair (and balustrade).

If all else fails I’ll resort to multiple clipping planes, tracing sections and a lot of sweeping/lofting…


Hello - in plain Rhino, you basically have to use the point cloud as reference and build surfaces - in this case it looks reasonably straightforward but it is work - there is nothing automatic…