Rhino for mac material: Velvet / fabric


I’m trying to render a velvet or a selected fabric swatch material onto an interior model. I was wondering if anyone has done this before and can share a how to guide / presets that I need to choose to make this possible.

Thanks !

Rhino render is a pretty basic engine (if that’s what you’re using). Velvet is a pretty complex material, but you can fake it till you make it.
You need to use 2 different tones (generally a darker tone for the base colour) and a lighter tone for highlights in your material settings to fake highlights/fresnel falloff, something like this…

And then you need to use a bump map for some grain at a very small scale (I applied a box mapping and made a very small box in this version)

And finally the geometry matters- if you’re trying to render totally flat surfaces in velvet, it won’t look very velvety- so curves help.