Rhino VRay 3.4 fabric material


I recently found a nice fabric tutorial for vray http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/making-a-sofa-fabric-shader-in-vray/
But the problem is that max/maya vray is slightly different from rhino/sketchup vray and i cant really follow the tutorial.
Maybe someone have idea how to create similar crisp and detailed procedural base fabric texture with rhino vray 3.4 (beta2).

My overall coal is to achieve some kind of base material for clothes (poly/cotton twill fabric). I have tried different patterns and normal maps, but still end up blank unnatural material.


Not sure if this helps but I make my materials in Vray for Rhino and them load them into Vray for Revit. Maybe you could do the same with MAX using this tutorial and then import to Rhino. By the way, thanks for sharing…