Rendering Help

Rendering Help


I need help or tips to increase my rendering skills. I’m mostly focused to fabrication (CAM, 3D printing, etc.) but a student request me help to increase his rendering skills. Hoping it could be only with Rhino (The university where I try to help doesn’t have Flamingo, Brazil, etc.)



Anybody could help me with some information or sessions?

Hello - try this

  1. In the Materials panel, create a new Custom material
  2. In the texture panel create a new Leather grain bump texture texture-

Set to use World Coordinate System (WCS) Box style
Size will depend on the model and units but 50 by 50 may be a good starting points

  1. In the custom material, assign this new texture to the Bump channel at 10 -25%:
    Some other settings -

Does that help at all?


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Thanks, this helps. However any more practices are well received


Jesus Lopez

Hi Jesus - see