Rhino for Mac 7.12 hangs a lot

Hi there,

after upgrading Rhino 7.9 to 7.12 it seems to hang a lot. I’m using Mac Mini M1 (Bigsur). What really bothers me, if Rhino 7.12 indefinitely hangs and i have to manually kill it using ActivityMonitor, it just overwrites the opened file. So when i next open this file, it justs hangs again and the file is unusable.

Would it be possible to let Rhino ask if a user wants to overwrite the (unsaved) file if Rhino is closed forcefully using the ActivityMonitor and do not automatically overwrite the file ?


Hi Clement -

Using the files that you provided, I can get Rhino to hang and I have to force-quit the application using the ActivityMonitor. But when I open that file again after starting Rhino, it opens fine. Do you have additional files or steps to also reproduce that part of this issue?

Hi @wim, i guess you can do this:

  1. Open the file i’ve provided
  2. Add a curve to it anywhere
  3. Run the script 1-2 times without Material panel visible
  4. Change Material panel preview mode to “Tree”
  5. Run the script again to make it hang
  6. Kill Rhino with ActivityMonitor

When you then open the file, is your curve in the file ?

IMHO, fixing that Rhino saves in this situation is questionable. Many users would welcome the fact that they do not loose data. In my case, i do not want to overwrite as the file is a template file. So the best solution would be if Rhino asks to save if possible.


You can also force quit applications with ALT + CMD + ESC.

Hi @diff-arch, thanks for this info, i am not sure if this makes a difference in behaviour when Rhino overwrote the file.