R7: Hangs for minutes, sometimes hours

Using commercial R7, and liking the changes from R5. Started a heavy project for work as a test to show my team that R7 is up to the task ahead of F360 etc.

Working on a file of decent size, I often get these pauses. Then there are the hangs (a very long pauses). I will be doing any number of trivial functions when this happens… such as extrude a curve, or fillet a corner. In any case, the hangs range in length quite a bit.

To be clear, R7 NEVER crashes for me. Not once. But, it will hold my file hostage for an incredible amount of time. I can’t say either way if force-quitting R7 and starting back up solves anything, in fact I’m sure it doesn’t. When R7 hangs, I try to force-quit and relaunch R7 again. I can then open any other project without issue. However, if I then open the file that R7 hung on, it will again hang.

Right now, R7 has opened my file and is trying to decide if it will display anything. Coming on 3 hours now. In the past, I would simply walk away and let it go over night. In the morning, the file is usually open and waiting for me. Thing is, the open file does not show there was any modification to it — suggesting nothing was fixed/altered, so I can close the file and reopen it without issue. What changed? No clue.

Looking at my Activity monitor, R7 is consuming 100% of just one processor core (out of 16 cores). Really makes you wonder why I got all those extra cores if R7 will only use 1 - like putting out a fire with a drinking straw.

I’ve read all I could find about his constant hanging, and nothing seems to point to a culprit. Were I to make a guess, I would look at display properties. Once (just once), there was some error that came up. It said something like unable to render … and then reverted to wireframe for me. Were I smarter, I would have safely closed the file at that time — likely save me the 30 minute hang time that followed when I forced it back to my previous render mode.

Right now I have two options I’m going to explore. First, I will restart my Mac after force-quitting R7… and try the file again. Second to that (if not at the same time), I will dust off my old Mac with R5 and see if it will open the file. If it does, perhaps resaving it might help it behave.

Any advice is welcome.

Hi Ken -

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.