Rhino files work improperly in Keyshot

Hey. I have a problem with new Rhino files opened in Keyshot. The object disappears in performance mode and the “Edit geometry” option is not available. The problem started suddenly and old Rhino files opened with Keyshot work normally. Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi Antti -
This sounds like something that you’d want to contact the Keyshot people about.

Hey. Thanks for the answer. I’m almost certain that the issue is in my new Rhino files since the old files work fine with Ks. Is there some preference option that could be causing this?

Post the Rhino file and maybe system info of your Rhino installation and what Keyshot you’re using?

@Antti_Tiihonen In case you have SubD objects in the 3dm file, make sure to enter Shaded mode and then save the file. Maybe that is your issue, as I see that the render meshes for SubDs are not generated in Keyshot and need to already exist in the 3dm.