Problem Importing to Keyhsot

Hi everyone,

I guess this is more of a Keyshot problem. But maybe anyone got a solution.
When trying to import my Rhino file (mixed NURBS and SubD) I get this error message:


It tells me to save in shaded mode, what I did, but won’t help.

Importing the Rhino-File as STEP works fine, but ignores my layer structure.

Does anyone have a suggestion to either make it work as a .3dm file


import as another file tipe with organized layer structure?


Keyshot has updated its plugin for Synchronyzing with Rhino
Try it from here

Thanks for the link, but I only have Keyshot 9.

It works with 10 and the versions below also

Did you try to save it as an older version of rhino format? My keyshot 9 did not accept Rhino 7 so I have to save it as v6. Really annoying btw.

No, I didn’t, but it worked!

Sadly a bit too late. I already sorted it by hand in Keyshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks tho!

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