3dm files on SharePoint/OneDrive

Hi everyone,

I’m using OneDrive Desktop app for Syncing and SharePoint/OneDrive for storing 3dm and gh files.

When I’m working off a synced folder, gh files do have version history when I save them. However, 3dm files do not. Same is true for 3dmbak files.

Reached out to Microsoft forum a while ago, didn’t get much help:

I know it’s best to use git to be in total control of what’s been versioned and stuff, but OneDrive/Sharepoint space is working better for non-programmers in our organisation.

I wonder if it could have something to do with some not obvious setting related to the way 3dm files are saved.

Any advice or recommendation from McNeel or the community would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

I’m having what seems to be a related issue. It seems that Rhino 8 is keeping files “busy.” I’m not sure what the term is, but the file has size and starts the sync icon in OneDrive/Sharepoint, but it never allows it to actually sync until you close rhino, even if you save multiple times.
I saved a files 7-8 times without versioning the file manually. I then crashed rhino, and now the file is somehow locked by windows. I was just messing around, so I don’t care to spend the time to try and unlock it.
This happened twice, so I was watching it more closely. I was able to recover the 3dmbak file.

About versioning though, on OneDrive you will only get a version if you save a version and then it syncs entirely, and then you save over that file again later. If it never fully syncs then you won’t get a version. And right now, Rhino is keeping the file “busy” somehow, so doesn’t allow OneDrive to sync until the file is fully closed.