Rhino file history

Hello all-

The following may very well be a problem extraneous to rhino…

I am coming back to a project from earlier this year and I can’t seem to locate the file. This never happens to me, all of my files are quite well organized. Anyway the Rhino file in question seems to have vaporized, and I was wondering if there is a tool within rhino that stores all files ever brought into the program. Also, if there is a backup folder somewhere that I might mine.



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Have you tried using your operating system’s search (eg: Windows Explorer, Finder) to look for all *.3dm files on the entire drive? It may take some time, but it will cover the case where you might not have accurately remembered the original file name. By looking through the resulting list you may be reminded of it.

yes finder or spotlight should help mostly. below the path to Rhino’s autosaves, maybe have a look if you can find something there. its in the hidden library the one which you have to access with alt when you click on goto in the finder menu or you use cmd shift g

/Users/YOUR USERNAME/Library/Autosave Information

other than that does rhino not save any information about documents opened, only the 10 last objects which is actually a system setting and might not help much here.

Thanks guys-

I have tried the aforementioned, to no avail unfortunately.

I guess its back to the drawing board!


Well, I know there’s always Time Machine if you use it. Maybe one of your backups has it if it’s as old as you say.

But I guess you already know that. Sure sorry about your plight.

I found it!!!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: