Not opening a saved file :(

I saved a file but now cannot find it by searching in my files or under recent documents under the open recent window in Rhino. But when I right click on the Rhino icon on my dock it has the file name but won’t open :frowning:

I do have a screen shot of the models in the file but am a bit worried as it’s work for uni and I don’t really want to loose many hours work!

Thanks, El

Another way to find files on your computer is to click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and type the file name. OS X will show all files with that name or any files that contain text that matches the file name.

Another thought… is the file on a remote drive or a thumb drive that is no longer attached to your computer?

I have just tried searching on my external hard drives and pen drives and nothing.
Nothing in the ‘spotlight’ search either :frowning: I think it might be gone forever…

thank you for the quick response though :smile:

open a new file, draw a line, save it… in the save dialog, look at the location where it’s going to save to… (assuming you haven’t changed anything since losing it)

look in that folder for your other file.

(it’s a longshot, obviously, but without knowing your setup and/or naming conventions, it’s hard to say what to do)

Another long shot: could it have ended up with a different name than you thought? Maybe try searching for all .3dm files on your computer, etc?