Rhino 7 - Lost File Mac OS

I have been working on project over several days without any problems when opening and closing. However since having force quite rhino today, the file is no where to be found. I have checked my recents, checked my bin, and looked through all folders but nothing. I am using a MacBook Pro, any suggestions on how I could find/recover the file?

there may be a chance you can recover your file- Auto Save and Versions in macOS (autosave) [McNeel Wiki]

This sounds like a case of one of the most bizarre bug/behaviors (?) that we’ve heard of: when an entire file goes missing from Finder - as if it had never been there. We’ve occasionally (rarely, thankfully) seen this in the past, but have never gotten to the bottom of it. There are some who theorize that it’s related to saving to a network backup store, some who theorize that it’s related to macOS’s Autosave/Versions feature…but, at this time, there is no conclusive smoking gun.

In Rhino 8 for Mac, every time you save over an existing file, the previous version is saved to your Trash. This is a “last-ditch” :crossed_fingers: fail-safe that Rhino for Windows does that we’ve adopted on the Mac. (This can cause your Trash to fill up quickly, depending on the size of file and how often you save).