Rhino file crashes in 3ds max

Hello everyone. I have a rhino model and I want to render that by corona. But when I import the file to 3ds max, it crashes. I tried dwg, obj, fbx formats but none of them worked. Btw the model is completely fine in rhino. I can’t figure out from which part of the model the bug comes from. Is there any shortcut to fix this problem?
Please help me

导出选定对象-选择obj-点击 选项-点击 命名-点击 导出为obj群组(用于导出到3dmax)。这样子就可解决模型破损问题

Thank you but it didn’t work :(. It still crashes

Are you very far from the origin? Are the model units compatible with the importing programs? Do you have any bad objects (SelBadObjects)?

Otherwise to narrow it down, start by exporting half the objects and see if it still crashes. If not, lock those and try the other half. When you find the half that crashes, try exporting half of those… Repeat as many times as necessary until you find the guilty parties…

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Hi @Kimia
To add to @Helvetosaur’s suggestions, you can try and re-import the file (obj, dwg or whatever) into Rhino and see if it imports as it should (again, using SelBadObjects). If all is well in Rhino, it might be an import problem on Max’s end.
HTH, Jakob