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we use already V5, but imported 3ds file lost all transformation informations. The file is created from osg. I can open it using osg or other cad tool, all geometries are in right position, only in rhino all geometries overlay. Any ideas?

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Please post a model.


Work.rar (112.1 KB)

I add the .3ds file now

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

I see that here, yes.
In Rhino 5 parts are placed on top of each other. This has been fixed for Rhino 6 so you can download the WIP to deal with this.


Greate! Thanks for your reply, I’m going to try tomorrow.


Hi wim,
Geometries are now all in right place. But I could not select rendered in view. I get a warning during wip install (see image) and was asked for the license 6, that I don’t have now. Perhaps that is the reason.

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When you download the Rhino 6 WIP you should get an eMail with a license key. Also check your spam folders!


I have checked my junk-mail folder and don’t find anyting