Rhino export to artlantis plugin?

Rhino has developed the new export to Artlantis Plugin.

Can anyone say how it works?

Which version of Rhino it works?

I think it works on Rhino 5 but it will work on latest version of Rhino?

U can explain this topic.

thanks for all

It is not made by Rhino - it’s Artlantis work. Why not ask them?

Hi Antonio,

I would start from here:


Yes… but! it doesn`t work on RHINO 5 SR4…

i dont know why?

When i install artlantis plugin, rhino say that i have to had the latest version instaled.

Since the announcement was from yesterday when V5 SR8 was the current service release, it could be the SR4 is just too old.
Any reason specifically why you’re not on SR8?

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