Rhino 7 Crash upon Opening


When I try to open Rhino 7, it crashes.

I also have Rhino 6 on my computer if that helps.
I’ve seen other forum posts that say to open it in Safe Mode, but I do not have a Rhino 7 Safe Mode, I only have a Rhino 6 Safe Mode.

This is what shows up when I click on Rhino 7:

Here’s my system info:

Please let me know if you need any more info.

You need to update your Intel HD 630 GPU driver, Rhino startup fails due to OpenGL troubles. Additionally it is probably a good idea to update to Rhino 7.2.

You can right-click on your Rhino 7 shortcut, open properties and then add /nosplash to the command that starts rhino.exe (remember a space between the two).

Once you have done that run Rhino 7, and, assuming it starts now, run the Rhino command _SystemInfo. Please post the results of the command in a reply.