Rhino 7 Crash upon Opening


When I try to open Rhino 7, it crashes.

I also have Rhino 6 on my computer if that helps.
I’ve seen other forum posts that say to open it in Safe Mode, but I do not have a Rhino 7 Safe Mode, I only have a Rhino 6 Safe Mode.

This is what shows up when I click on Rhino 7:

Here’s my system info:

Please let me know if you need any more info.

You need to update your Intel HD 630 GPU driver, Rhino startup fails due to OpenGL troubles. Additionally it is probably a good idea to update to Rhino 7.2.

You can right-click on your Rhino 7 shortcut, open properties and then add /nosplash to the command that starts rhino.exe (remember a space between the two).

Once you have done that run Rhino 7, and, assuming it starts now, run the Rhino command _SystemInfo. Please post the results of the command in a reply.

Hi I’m having a similar issue but my processor is AMD Radeon 780M Graphics and it says it’s already up to date. I’ve tried updating rhino, uninstalling and reinstalling and no luck. Rhino only opens and safe mode which makes it difficult to model in without the shaded view. Anything else I can try?

Are there any 3rd party plugins you can disable? (go to properties>Plugins)

Unchecking GPU Tessellation (go to properties>View) helps with those old AMD’s

Is this happening in a particular model?

@Saradia_Diegue - I reviewed your crash dump submittal. Definitely an OpenGL driver issue.

– Dale

@Japhy I have a lot of plugins enabled but I’m not sure what qualifies as 3rd party. The only plug in I added and actively use is Enscape. How do I know what plugins to disable? Im pretty sure most of them loaded in with rhino. I unchecked GPU tessellation and when I open the model the screen is just black until it crashes.

@dale what can I do about this?

Hi @Saradia_Diegue,

You can look for an updated Windows video driver for your AMD Radeon 780M Graphics system. Since it’s fairly new, there is a good change AMD has newer, better drivers you can download from their web site. But check the website of your laptop manufacturer first.

If that’s a dead end, then as @Japhy recommended, turn off GPU Tessellation and see if that works.

– Dale