Rhino doesn't shade a block with quad mesh?

Hello again, as topic described, I found that linked blocks (I only know linked way) are not shaded, this becomes visually inconvenience. Anyway to shade object inside a block? Thank you.

I can’t reproduce that here:

This seems to be model-specific, so we’d need the 3dm file to be able to check this.

240611_question.3dm (51.8 KB)
240611qP1.3dm (419.9 KB)

240611qP1.3dm is the Block inserted to 240611_question.3dm by link method. Thanks

@VinPo - I am pretty sure this is a case of this bug -

RH-81019 Block display: Some objects loose their surface shading when added to a block

Which is, hopefully, about to be adressed.


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