Rhino Displacement Problem

I have two surfaces in Rhino with displacement applied to them. Even though they have same displacement and mapping settings, displacement looks and renders differently. When I join them, displacement changes again even though settings are still same.
for better understanding:

What i would like to have is all surfaces having same displacement.
any suggestions?

Selecting both objects and assigning one texture mapping method to them both in unison should work here. I see the displacement matches across the surface seam in the beginning of your video before you explode. After you explode the box mapping size is different between the two selections… 3 for one and 5 for the other. If these are flat surfaces, I would also just use a Planar map and then display the mapping widget to adjust it interactively.

Hello Brian,
you are right the diplacement is uniform if the surfaces are joined. As soon as you explode them the smaller surface has nicer and detailed displacement than the larger surface.

In my video both surfaces use 2nd mapping channel which is a cube 3x3x3m.

My conclusion is that displacement cannot be used over larger surfaces such as fasade buildings to get effect of lets say plaster. If you do it, displacement will drop the quality. also two differently large surfaces with same settings will render differently… sadly

i made one more demonstration of this here: