Displacement Maps

I am making some custom gun grips for a co-worker of mine. I want to use a Displacement map to apply a JPG image he supplied. The problem I am having is it is tiling the picture, I can’t seem to make an adjustment to not apply the image. Any help is appreciated.

Under object propertis -> texture mapping <-, which settings -> mapping channel 1 <- are present ?

Projection ?
UVW repeat not eval to 1 ?
Texture resized in mapping channel 1 ?

Projection = Closest Point
UVW repeat = 1
XYZ Size? I don’t see a Texture resized
When I am in the displacement Dialog, it won’t let me look at the object material properties. So I can’t adjust what I am seeing, to get it to line up properly. Or I am just doing it wrong, entirely possible.

That is correct, because, mapping channels are adjusted separately in texture mapping dialog. and used in DPM
Sorry i have installed only Rhino v4 (for Screenshot)

What happens if projection is changed to surface, planar or box

This option is present under texture mapping dialog → projection, other than projection = surface

Ah I see it now. Thank you. That did help, I didn’t realize I could still change the displacement once I had applied it.
Thank you.

Yes, different settings in mapping channels makes different results.

And as mapping complementation: