Rhino Dark Theme

I really thought a while about your last two comments, but in the end I came to the conclusion that I wasted my time again… its that simple. And by that I don’t mean this last conversation but all the scripts I’ve written to help you out in the past. Because you are definitly one of those guys who always point to others on what they have done not so well, insulting them but never really self-reflect. This is absolutly inacceptable and is really a offence to anyone developing software. In the end you are the guy who’s incompetent at all. For 90% of all threads this forum mutated to a do-my-work platform. Most users are totally unwilling to learn anything at all, its absolutly nightmare and probaly highly reflects what the world is like in 2019. Merry Christmas


You know you can change the RGB values to whatever you like the best, right?.. I just showed you where to change them.

Users are Consumers now! They only consume! I see the same pattern - complaining “software can’t do this or that”, but in the end the user’s incompetents is to blame!

Hi Asterisk,

The link between the name given by windows and the areas it affects in Rhino is not easy to understand :
For example, I set Windows to a dark theme, and indeed the background of the explorer is dark with lighter tone text. That’s why I’m surprised that the tab backgrounds didn’t update accordingly.

Thanks to you, I know how to change that color.
I guess I’ll have to fiddle a while before I get something coherent.
To make matters worse, GH seems to use a different logic : for example : the tab backgrounds were not changed while the ones in Rhino were…

I guess that’s why some software propose a “Dark theme” : to save the user this type of hassle.


While I do a lot of Grasshopper work, I don’t consider myself a programmer, and I’m always happy when someone comes up with a useful new component or script that I can’t do.

My job is to design buildings, and learning GH was already a big (albeit worthy) time investment, but for now, I simply just don’t have time to dig deeper and become a C# guru, sorry.

If you are not happy about people reporting bugs or making requests, then you might not want to spend so much time in a forum like this, right ?

I have 19 years of experience with Rhino, and I can tell one thing for sure : there are areas where there has been relentless requests (like blocks management), to which McNeel has always been stone deaf.
Frustration adds up and becomes acrimony.

Having waited 7 years for Rhino 6, just to have the same interface, but with extra interface bugs makes me angry, indeed, and I express this instead of keeping it for me, which would certainly have ill-effects on my mental health.

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While I agree that many bug reports end up being in fact due to the newbie effect, I would argue that :
-One can hardly call me a newbie since I’ve been around since early Rhino V3
-I have reported countless bugs, and helped improve Rhino at the expense of my time
-I have made many enhancement requests that are today part of Rhino and GH
-I don’t spare my compliments when I see something genuinely useful and well implemented in Rhino.

Although it is politically incorrect, I’ll state here my general feeling about what’s going on at McNeel :
There’s a bunch of older fellows who have done a great job in the past, but are today mostly a hindrance.
On the bright side, there seems to be talented young fellows who would deserve to take over and bring every aspects of Rhino at the same level.

I have no names to name or anything, but that’s my gut feeling for having been working 19 years with this tool.


I’m surprised it was figured out at all, considering it’s a 1995 tech. I’d take better UI over any other new feature. Really hope R8 comes out in a new UI shell. But I might be dead by then… XD

See how convoluted the UI color system is:

I just hope Tim has nothing else to do on Christmas… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t


Hi Asterisk,

On this screen capture are these your own registry settings ?
If so, could you make a screen capture of your Rhino interface to see how that looks ?

I’m struggling with the choice of colors because sometimes I can’t see the texts, sometimes the highlight, sometimes the cursor…
Arrrhhh !

Those I believe are my current Windows Theme settings. And it’s gray’ified High Contrast theme.

It’s mostly ok, but it’s fook’d in places. Good thing I don’t visit those places too often… for now…

It seems like there’s movement about those color variables on youtrack. Early X-Mas present?

Thanks Asterisk,

I have mostly the same windows explorer aspect, but it’s your Rhino interface which I’m mostly interested in.

There should be a special part of this forum for all the people who are OK with mediocrity.
You would stay in that part of the forum, and I would stay right here.

I feel this needs repeating – again and again. Purely so we who accept “mediocrity” can ruminate on our failure to see and understand excellence – like you do. Odd though, that you would want to stay in a forum created by the makers of mediocrity? I would think a more appropriate change would be a special part of the the forum for you and those you think meet your stringent standards? I expect it to be wildly populated, and a fertile ground for collaborative excellence – of course led by you. We inferiors would sorely miss your presence, but don’t in your kindness let us hold you back. Soar eagle soar


Microsoft Windows, OSX, Firefox, Several Adobe Graphics Apps, Atom, and I am sure: many others such as audio applications, Linux Mint/Cinnamon, Youtube, and even this website–all have support for a dark theme.

While the world might not explode without dark theme support, it does seem like an attractive feature to to help relieve eyestrain, when McNeel has the time, sometime before V7 is released, perhaps.

I am old enough to have used computers with a black background with light phosphor in green and amber. At that time, it was universally recognized that light on a large dark field helped reduce eyestrain. With the advent of WYSIWYG editors, mostly done for text layout purposes, I…see a darkish background as a good step in graphic and design professionals and amateurs alike: reclaiming our desktop.


More proof that the interface is “sub-optimal” :slight_smile:

Oh no ! Here comes Ivelin…

I support the black theme, but I do not want too much resources to be put into that.

There are a lot of functions that need fixing and improving and that is more important than some stupid gui.

@osuire, I’m sure even if they remove the “mediocre” gui, you’ll continue ranting. even if they make it fully customizable and allow you to modify it you would complain because that would require you learn some programming. Which you can’t or don’t want to do.

Anyways, @pascal, @stevebaer, @dale, @bobmcneel, @nathanletwory,

Please provide some clarity on what is on your agenda regarding the user interface and lock this non-sense of a discussion.


Well said.
I am more happy having gradient hatches that I would have been with a dark theme.

Ahhh ! Nice shot ! A super-villain like me needs a white-teethed antagonist like you.
Well of course I’ll keep ranting ; heck ! I even nitpick and bitch about frivollous details on my Tesla.
But I’m in love with that car nonetheless…

Really ?
Wow. You have to be one of those manly CAD users who just care about the core stuff, hey ?
You like it gritty , right ?

Why do precisely themed posts need to attract people who don’t particularily care about that theme but ooze in just to push their gradient hatching agenda ?

Just kidding Piotr, don’t PM me on how full of bile I am.

Wow, I just realized I’m responding to all this out of boredome with my current work.
Let’s put the swords down for a minute.
I’d like to hear your sincere reason for wasting your time with me here.

Come on… be honnest !