Rhino Cycles, Grasshopper and Live Connections

It is a simple question :slight_smile: Just want to check what are the plan for future (Rhino 7 / Grasshopper 2) in terms of rendering and animation?

  1. Will be there better integration of Cycles/Evee and shaders in Rhino and Grasshopper?
  2. Live link between Rhino/Grasshopper and Blender?
  3. Grasshopper animation and shading tools ?
  4. Blender shader node editor ?

Thank you

Hi guys,

No EEVEE, incompatible license (GPL).

The current way to do shaders is using Cycles XML material (available after TestShowPrivateContent), and then using GhShaderNodes to create shader graphs. At this moment no clear plans on shaders in Grasshopper 2. But no doubt there will be an effort to do good integration.

There is import_3dm for Blender, but no live links planned.

I guess these are the same as the first, with exception of animation.

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Thank you @nathanletwory
It helps. I use blender and your export/import plugin. And it is great. Just thought maybe there are any future plans to make it a live link.
Every time you make a change you need to bake and export. But you know all of this.

Anyway thank you for answers


You may want to have a look at some of the integration scripts/macros created by @AlanMattano

Great. Thank you