Rhino custom NVidia control panel settings for an RTX 3070?

Setting up a new machine here, has an RTX 3070 8Gb card. I don’t remember the recommended settings in the NVidia control panel… There are threads on that here, but from 2014.

One thing I see is that while I can choose from Rhino 6, 7 and WIP when I punch the “Add” button, it only adds “Rhino” - so which one of these is it applying to? All?


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In NVidia control pannel ->under desktop → activate “Display GPU activity icon” .
Start RH6 and RH7.
In system-tray click on icon and see what RH versions is in use state.
I can not test it here but i think, both are displayed.
If here both versions, then the setting can also be individually controlled by RH.exe version.
So Add → RH.exe from directory RH6, RH7.
Just an idea from my side