Rhino Crash how to find autosaved file

Hi all, My Rhino crashes, but unfortunately, this is a new rhino model and has never been named or saved before. So even I go to the autosaved file folder or the recircle bin I cannot find its autosaved file. As I understand, you can only get autosaved file when u have at least saved it once…
Am I right? Does anyone have any other trick to find the autosaved rhino file?
As shown on the screenshot, it crashes, but not close yet, do I still have any chance to get the model back?
many thanks,

For reason( I don’t know why), my dear Rhino7 never create a desktop rhino CrashDump file…

In theory, if you haven’t shut autosave off, the autosave file for a not-yet-saved file will be here:


Yes, but as I know, if you open a new rhino file and never save it, meanwhile, the file doesn’t have a name, it won’t create any autosave file on this autosave folder, and so on the Desktop rubbish bin…

Freeze is not crash. Rhino probably won’t create any autosave when it is unresponsive, even if the freeze takes forever.