Saving/backup/autosave? Tell me I haven't lost hours of work and these is some copy somewhere!

While using Make 2D RH7 crashed. Looking to reopen the file, no report of the crash, just reopening the file that was from hours ago when I started today. I looked at the backup and it is even older dated yesterday. Autosave is set to 5 minutes. Tell me I’m just looking in the wrong places and there is a saved copy of my most recent model before the crash and I haven’t just lost all this work!

Where did you find the backup dated yesterday?

Backup files save in the same folder. However, I discovered all the saves that rhino makes and puts in the trash. I was able to find one with almost all the new work.

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Yup.Your best option is the most recently deleted Autosave file in the Windows Recycle Bin.