How to find the unsave file of Rhino 6.0

My unsaved file(doing with 6.0 version) is not be seen in the following path:
There is no File in the `Folder of 6.0. The folder 6.0 is empty
what should I do ?

Check your Recycle Bin, you may find it hidden there :slight_smile:


You are not giving much information so, a few questions:

  • Did Rhino crash during a modeling session and you are looking to recover some of your work?
  • Is Autosave enabled in Rhino Options > Files?
  • Had you been modeling for longer than the time that is specified in those setting?
  • And finally - what is the file path that is specified there?

Note that if you exit Rhino normally and do not save, there will be no autosave file.

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