Autosave doesn't work

Hey guys, I was asking this before. Is there any trick or reset to make it working again? Thanks so much, as my work from one day is trashed now :frowning:

Hi Hannes - So… Rhino crashed and there is no Autosave file in the autosave directory, and Rhino, on restarting, did not offer to recover a file, is that correct?

(If so, of course that is a problem, but working all day without saving is a bit risky)


You could check the recycle bin still if an old save still exists.

Looks like a V5 dialog…


Ah, my bad.

@pascal Yes, not thinking too much just in the flow. So it’s gone and nothing suggested in the beginning. Browsed the AS folder and no new file in there just some old projects. Thank you!

Hi Hannes - a couple of questions -

  • while working, do you see Autosave kick in from time to time?
  • Does the Autosave command result in a file in the expected location? (check while the file is still open in Rhino)
  • Was the lost file ever saved or was it Untitled when it blew up? (if untitled then the RhnoAutosave.3dm file should be it)


In the mean time, click the Save icon from time to time yourself.
Autosave is a last resort crash recovery tool.
It’s not a replacement for saving your work from time to time.

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I had a file that I shared online via a Skype screensharing meet with a client yesterday and made a few changes to the model while the client was ‘looking over my shoulder’ so to speak. I often work in this manner with a client and they seem to really like being able to have real time input. Session lasted about an hour and after hanging up Skype I usually save the changes in the model but went and had some late lunch without doing so. Took care of some other things and when I got back to the computer about 2 hours later it looked to have gone into sleep mode so clicked and typed in my PIN and when the screens lit up I was surprised to see my Rhino window gone as well as my Thomas Ang timelog tracker for that project. Chrome browser window was still open but apparently Windows had (against my express preferences!) done the ‘Tuesday Patch’ and restarted. I really hate when MS does this and especially when I have repeatedly chosen the ‘ask before update download’ and ‘ask before installing’. Then I noticed that my Windows Start button wasn’t working and other odd missing functionality and couldn’t open the Edge browser and it turned into a complete WTF situation. Upon the unbidden restart, Window 10 now can save and reopen Chrome to its prior state before the update so at least I was able to do a quick search and was shocked to find that WIndows had forced the update on computers set to block updates! Read it here and weep:

Supposedly this has happened three times already since the first of the year and I recall it happening a couple of times but never thought much about it. A couple of tech sites were warning that it would happen on on the usual 'Tuesday Patch' and even showed how to be sure that it would happen yesterday. Some sites went so far as to suggest disconnecting your ethernet connection on Tuesday and wait a day or so before manually doing the patch. Turns out the patch yesterday used the wrong download and I and many others got caught with their pant down resulting in the odd behavior of MY damned computer! I was able to find all sort of supposed fixes that would restore the start button functionality from the Powershell (whatever that is...) but that didn't work. I then wondered what all this might have to do with my Rhino autosave and found one in my trash that had most of my changes to the model during the Skype session. I was surprised when I looked there how many deleted autosaves there were and found it reassuring that one can use that as a sort of 'time machine'. 

I'm not sure what the rude update did to the autosave function but it may have hosed your days work on your file Hannes. Did anyone else have the dreaded 'Tuesday Patch' happen to them? I found little yesterday on exactly what happened with it yesterday but overnight I guess it has gotten a lot of attention, none of it good other than MS is permitted a 'rollback' for victims but only for 10 days. Next we have to await the 'Spring Creators Update' in a few days.
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@pascal 3x nope… I was working on an already saved file . So no named autosave kicking in. No AS file with the name.

Hi Hannes - my question was about autosave executing at all - the file does not need to be saved for autosave to work - do you see a pause every 10 minutes or so and the command line shows “Autosaving…” while you are working? Does the Autosave command result in an autosave file in the expected folder?


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@pascal, sorry for replying so late. No it’s not saving at all. No command fired at all. Thank you for your advice. Is it better to reset anything?

Joseph, lost all my files during these auto update procedures from Windows. Thank you. But Autosaving wouldn’t work at all.

Can’t also find the incremental save option. that was suggested previously. is there any autosave function of this. Thought this would be in the settings. Thank you

Hi Hannes - you can put Save or IncrementalSave in the IdleProcessor page (Options) but Autosave should work - can you please double-confirm that directly running the Autosave command from the command line does nothing?


Thank you @pascal. Was actually unchecking and checking the autosave function. Seems to work again. But was buying the upgrade to 6 today. Hopefully they send me a key by tmw. So everything is solved by then. Thank you!