Grasshopper 2.0 and Rhino geometry naming conventions

Grasshopper 2.0 looks amazing.
Will a naming convention for geometry be used in GH 2 that is consistent with Rhino?

I was searching and did not notice the use of the name “BREP”
Does this mean Breps have not been included yet?
or perhaps the word “BREP” will be removed from GH 2?
I would prefer the naming be consistent.
Great work!

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Does Rhino actually use Brep so often? It’s mostly saying Polysurface.

I do still use “brep” as a term, however the [surface] parameter handles all surface types now (except for meshes). So untrimmed surfaces, trimmed single surfaces, polysurfaces, subdivision surfaces and extrusions are all stored inside the surface parameter.


A single surface with trimming data is also a brep through. There’s inconsistencies between Rhino UI and Rhino SDK when it comes to nomenclature, so there was no standard for grasshopper to adopt in the first place.

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Sure, I’m just noting I can’t recall anywhere Rhino is saying Brep in its front end. In fact, I’m pretty sure I only know what a Brep is because of GH :grinning:.

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True, all the command which have “brep” in them are test commands.

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I have also noticed theres no “Geometry” parameter that can be used as a catchall for any type of geometry.