Offload meshing to rhino compute

Is it possible to offload meshing to rhino compute?
I usually just give up when my grasshopper tries to preview gazillion breps and blows out my PC memory but maybe servers can handle this.
If speed is too much to ask for, I just want to avoid the crash with the “out of memory” pop up.

Yes, it is possible. Among other considerations, you should consider the latency that comes with pushing BREPs across a network and getting the results back.

that’s indeed something to watch out for. i forget that it could be hundreds of MB of stuff…

so i tried to reference the rhino3dm.dll in a C# component as well as loading the python library into a GhPython (already copied package folder into Rhino’s python paths). neither worked. do i have to compile a plugin?

I see both the RhinoCompute.cs and the compute-rhino3d python package reference the rhino3dm library so they won’t work either.

btw the RhinoCompute.cs file is missing on the developer portal
Calling Compute with .NET with Csharp (