Rhino Compute - using a plugin


I am trying to use Rhino compute to run a python script, my problem is that I’m using a plugin called " DecodingSpaces" in grasshopper that is probably not supported by Rhino compute.

The script works well without the plugin but when I add it the Geometry doesn’t appear.
What are my options? how can use the plugin?


You can install any plugin to your own Rhino.Compute server. Have you installed the “Decoding Spaces” plugin?

No, I didn’t. where/how do I do that?

I’ve opened a Rhino server, how do I install the plug-in?

Assuming you followed our guide to set up your own Compute instance, the process for installing plug-ins goes like this…

  1. Stop the “compute.geometry” service
  2. Install the plug-in like you would normally on a desktop machine
  3. Run Rhino.exe to check that the plug-in has installed corrrectly (more important for Rhino plug-ins)
  4. Close Rhino and restart the “compute.geometry” service

Many plug-ins have not been tested in the context of Compute. A lot of them will work just fine (particularly Grasshopper plug-ins) but some may not. There may also be licensing issues (both technical and legal). Please report back on your experiences with DecodingSpaces! :slight_smile:

Got it! works great. thank you!