Rhino Grasshopper Web Application Framework Presentation

This past few months we have rolled out some projects that allow Rhino/Grasshopper geometry and our geometry engine to be accessed from almost anywhere.

Here is a presentation by Steve Baer presenting how our technologies can be used to create web applications. The first 20 minutes is the overview and the rest is a workshop digging into the code.

This ties together these 3 projects:

  1. Rhino Compute - online accessible geometry calculator
  2. Rhino3DM.js - JavaScript library to access and manipulate geometry independent of Rhino. There is also a 3DMLoader included with Three.js which can be tested in the Three.js Editor
  3. Rhino Compute Appserver - an Application manager between client apps and cloud services including private compute.rhino3d servers.

We would love any feedback


Hello! This is amazing, thanks for making it so publicly available.

I’m trying to get it running locally and when running compute as a debug build in Visual Studio I’m running into the error:

“The debug executable ‘C:\Users…\compute.geometry.exe’ specified in the ‘compute.geometry’ debug profile does not exist.”

I’m not a developer (engineer who uses Grasshopper a lot), but I’m trying to get this running for a proof-of-concept project. I’m not sure if this is an issue on my end with Visual Studio or if something is out of date, etc., so I figured I’d post here to see if it’s a known hiccup. I’m running Visual Studio 2019 (professional) on a fresh install and the compute files are downloaded/unzipped into the directory.

If anyone can please point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I tried to put into place this framework (local debug, no deployment yet) and I have issues getting a view of the geometry in the web app. I am testing the spiky ball example.
The 3D model does not appear. When I change the parameters, the geometry seems to be loading with the new inputs but nothing is rendered in the web app.
If anyone could help, that would be nice.

Are you still having problems with this? You might want to look at your developer panel in your browser to see if any errors are being reported.

Hello, I don’t know if you still have the issue but I went threw today.

Solution is that you have to “Build” the project in the first place (Right click on compute.geometry, if no working “Re-build” … then some issues can appear’s to help you understand why it does’nt have automatically build).