Rhino Grasshopper Web Application Framework Presentation

This past few months we have rolled out some projects that allow Rhino/Grasshopper geometry and our geometry engine to be accessed from almost anywhere.

Here is a presentation by Steve Baer presenting how our technologies can be used to create web applications. The first 20 minutes is the overview and the rest is a workshop digging into the code.

This ties together these 3 projects:

  1. Rhino Compute - online accessible geometry calculator
  2. Rhino3DM.js - JavaScript library to access and manipulate geometry independent of Rhino. There is also a 3DMLoader included with Three.js which can be tested in the Three.js Editor
  3. Rhino Compute Appserver - an Application manager between client apps and cloud services including private compute.rhino3d servers.

We would love any feedback