Rhino.Compute: Galapagos from Server

Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody has tried to link / run Galapagos (or any other optimisation solver) through a Rhino.Compute sever application.

Any insight regarding this topic would be really helpful.

Many thanks


This probably won’t work with how we’ve developed compute as a stateless system. That being said, you are free to develop another method of solving GH definitions on compute that would start solving and let you know when the solution is complete.

You have a few challenges:

  • Starting Galapagos programmatically
  • Having Galapagos / GH let you know when Galapagos is finished.
  • Writing a set of compute endpoints (for example: /solverStart, /solverStatus) that let you start the solver, and another that lets you check the status of your solve job.

There might be other solvers that do allow more programmatic control.

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Hi Miguel!
I am just curious.
Did you make any progress with running Galapagos on a server?

Hi archicoder,
No news on my end: I am avoiding the use of Galapagos on Rhino.Compute for now.
I believe this is a no-go at this moment but perhaps @DavidRutten has some news.


Sorry, I’m not involved with the Rhino.Compute project, I have no idea how it works and what it can or could do.

No problem @DavidRutten - Thanks for your quick response in any case!
Best wishes


Thank you guys for the responses!

Has anyone made progress here?

Cheers DK

Hi, any news on the topic? I am getting close to the point where I desperately need to run kind of Galapagos solver headless.

Maybe something like walacei could work? Wallacei | Food4Rhino