Galapagos Future Plans

Are there any plans for Galapagos in GH2? Is it still in development?
Maybe @DavidRutten have any plans or ideas?

Thank you,

If parameters and start/stop could be controlled via code/inputs + output (“converged”) , then it would become very useful.

// Rolf


The plan is a rewrite, but not any time soon. First get gh2 out the door and to a useful state, then worry about galapagos.

I’m definitely planning changes, including more optimiser algorithms and the ability to store and resume (and possibly distribute) the solving process.

And as @RIL said, the ability to programmatically or at least automatically run the solver is very important.


Hi David and all,
I would appreciate if you could let me know if there are any updates regarding this issue on your end.
I am currently trying to develop a server application from which I could run an optimisation algorithm, ideally Grasshopper.
Is there any way this can be done at the moment, with the existing GH components?
Many thanks



This proves first GH2 then Galapagos…

Till now we didn’t get GH2 yet. So let’s hope n wait as much as we can.


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