Galapagos version?

Was Galapagos really never been updated since 2011?


If it is working well why it needs update?

  1. I am asking because there were some threads created and David said build numbering is not accurate.

  2. Do you know how much the field of optimization has changed in the last years?

It did changed but it depends what you are optimizing. There is octopus plugin for gh for multi objective search, machine learning addons for exploring design space. But sometimes good old galopagos is good to solve your single objective search. Also you are always open to implement .net libraries that are open sourced.

You’re straying of the topic here.

I know all that.

What threads you are pointing at?

As plugin itself works well on all rhino and gh builds.

Are you the person who developed Galapagos or created the current build to know if it is the latest?


Then what are you doing answering this thread?

Working or not working is not part of this topic.
No point defending the current build or proposing other plugins.

Dear Lord, read the rules of this forum.

If you cannot add anything productive to the topic in scope refrain from posting.

I have been using GH since 2011 and have never seen an update of Galapagos. It is included in Grasshopper, if you have the latest Grasshopper you have the latest Galapagos.
Avoid that hostile attitude towards me, thank you :slight_smile:

You’re not hostile to me why should I be hostile to you.

I read tens to hundred(s) of threads a day I answer only to those I can contribute or clarify (if they are my own). There are a bunch of people on this forum that just go around looking for a fight, trolling.

Galapagos wasn’t exactly cutting edge when I wrote it in 2011. It basically implemented two algorithms first thought of in the 1960’s. The big benefit of Galapagos is not the advancedness of the solver, but it’s integration into a visual programming paradigm.

I plan to rewrite it for GH2, so if you have a new algorithm you’d like to see implemented please send me the paper describing it.

I found this:

I started trying to implement something from scratch but since I’m a noob in programming it’ll probably take me a year (or more) to develop that. Plus I’m getting recursive errors and stuff. I found out that using Input and Output components as well as Sticky is not very effective so it’s a big drawback.

And this one I sent to you in PM